Monday, April 6, 2009

The Breakers at Higgins Beach, tote.

There are a few new features to this bag, decorative buttons, and colorful straps for spring, a removable hard covered bottom, (awesome tip from Michael! :] ) and a zippered interior pocket instead of an open exterior pocket. This one has nice wide space inside so you can really see all your stuff! the straps are sturdy and comfortable too. I painted this because this tote is a present for my Aunt Sue in Florida, and we had many memories at Higgins! I hope she loves it.


Kristen said...

HELEN, THAT IS AMAZING!!! Could I request/buy a bag from you sometime?? your work is so incredible, i am in loove with it!!

Little Russian Bean said...

They get better and better with each bag! I like the zipper side-pocket, that way nothing can fall out. And the sturdy bottom is a clever idea! As always, amazing job :]