Thursday, August 28, 2008

Green Man Bag

This is my second bag! and this time I bought the canvas bag at the craft store, sewed in the lining, and the pockets, and the handle. painted the outside with Acrylic paint.. the HLB designs thing on the back was a last minute decision, I may or may not stick with it. I might not even be doing this in a week. but I hope I do! again, if you want one.. I'm selling them now! :)


touched said...

Hellion, i love the painting so much! eally came out lovely! you may be giving me a run for my money in the bag department. so happy to see you added pockets and that the lining turned out okay for you. happy to give you sewing advice anytime! xoxoxo sarge lucky bridget by the way!

La Luna said...

Thanks! if it wasn't for you, It would have taken me MUCH longer to figure out how to sew in the lining. the pockets take forever but i made patterns for them so i can just trace. But my amature sewing will never be able to compare to your skilled work!

Kristen said...

These bags are amazing!!!

I've got a plan.. Let's open our own little boutique and you can make these amazing bags and sell your art and i will make bead jewelry to sell hahaha :-P

La Luna said...

thank you!
haha that would be soo great. Its so hard to ask for a big price for these, but i've gotta make money off them eventually! they are A LOT of work. lol I'll try and get some more done :) you should post some of your jewelry!